About Me

I am a 200-hour certified yoga teacher and I am a woman of many passions. I‘m madly in love with yoga, I’m a healthy foodie and wannabe chef (I’ve been in love with cooking since I can remember), a dog and nature lover, a music and concert addict (heavy loud music among other styles), and I suffer from a common condition known as wanderlust. So, as you can see, I wear many hats!


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The Yoga Salad

London, UK


Yoga Classes

I am trained on a mix level of Ashtanga yoga, vinyasa flow and restorative yoga, as well as meditation and pranayama techniques. My teaching approach is a reflection of my personal practice.

I teach playful and dynamic vinyasa flow, that links breath with movement, challenging the body whilst cultivating peace of mind. I also teach super chilled and restorative practice as I believe we need to balance our energies, -our yin and yang-, so we can move into stillness.

 My classes are open level, everyone is welcome! From complete beginner to more experienced practitioners.